A tour to "hell" - part 1
Friday, August 06, 2010

I was given a free tour to hell last weekend. Sigh... what a memorable trip....

I drove to church on Saturday and was suppose to help to decorate the room for the children. After I have parked my car, I grabbed my handbag from the passenger seat and of course the nest thing is to get down from my car. A loud sound "kra-ek" and the tour begun... I knew it's not good as the pain is something I had never experienced before. I fell back to my seat immediately hoping the have some relief. Opps... It didn't help, within the next 500 milliseconds, I pulled my seat to be flat and tried to lie straight. The pain reduced but it came back the next second.

I grabbed my phone and called a friend who is in the church, asking her to come down to help me. I did not want to tell her the exact situation, thinking it might not be that bad. After screaming for a few round ( 2-3 seconds each time), I finally saw a familiar face, hm.... it's her husband who appeared. It's difficult to ask for help to pull me out form the car and he will not do it without anyone else around also to avoid any problem :)

After I briefly told him that it might be a slipped disk, he quickly went to inform his wife again. Poor me... waited in the car in great pain and I was very desperate to try anything that might help. I took a deep breath, put my foot down and "ran out" from my car... just wanted to try a standing position, if that could reduce the pain.

Test result negative ... the pain was even greater, so I fell and just kneel on the floor (4th position). Wooowoooo, sooooo painful until I just stick my face and hands to my car body (imagine spiderman without leg, hanging on a wall with hands).

A stranger passed by and saw me, she stopped to check me out by asking "Are you ok"?
"No, I'm not ok"- that was my answer, but inside of me, I was thinking, how can I be ok at this sight? She then prayed for me and after a decade (it's that long I felt), my church members came with a wheel chair. We were not sure whether that helps, but we will try the 5th position- sitting down straight.

It took me another deep deep breath and got up from the ground to sit on the wheel chair... 5th position was a bit better, but the pain attacked me every 30 seconds. Whenever the pain came, i hold my fest tight and scream "ah.. pain .. pain".

After some discussion and asking some opinion from various people, I finally requested to call an ambulance....

~ to be continued ~

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