Nov 2010
Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Several events happen in November that I wanted to blog about it, but it's just too eventful :)

Some highlights of the month of November:

1st November, came back from Korea, a very unusual trip. I did not bring any warm clothing except for 1 thin jacket and 1 long sleeve . The weather was crazy and there was a day it dropped to 2 degree. I couldn't understand why I made this mistake by bring all the shorts, slipper, singlet and I knew it's going to be cold...

18th morning marks the 1st accident for my Honda City. A sleepy woman bang into me when I was driving to work. It's the usual morning traffic that is slow moving. Thank God it's a small accident and she paid for the repair.

2am 20th, after my colleague's birthday party (which is again unusual that I go out so late), got another bang. This time is a serious big bang. Car boot is gone, hit the right divider and swing back ad got hit by another car to the left side. Estimated cost of repair will be >RM10K and it will takes > 1 month. Sigh..

Despite all these, I really thank God that there is no injury to me and my colleague who sit besides me. It's really a miracle looking at the car and no injury at all..

The most happening event will be Camp Madagascar from 25th-27th. 3 full days with the kids and I knew it's going to be tiring LOL.

Been participating for 4 years and this year I feel very different. I start to see the importance of being there, doing what I did. Most encouraging part is, I invited my colleague's 3 kids to join the camp. Even though I was not with them the whole day, but I really happy to see them enjoy the camp and learn something precious.
They never heard the gospel in their life and this is the time they have the chance to heard about it. Whether or not they accept Christ as their Lord now is not under my control, but I did my part by inviting them.

Some sow the seed , some water it. But it's God who give the growth.

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