It's just another week
Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wah ... my long waited diving trip is just around the corner. It's kind of like exiciting and yet scary. I'm definitely going to do this, at least once in a life time. Been having the mind set that I only live once, what do I have to loose trying differnt things? Worst case senario, I will loose my life. That itself, might not be a bad thing, hahahhaha Because I can get an early retirement.

Not really prepared yet for this trip as I need to buy a few gadgets and also some junk food, some entertainment, books (hahaha as if I have time for those). Most important thing should be the money ^_^

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Been working for the past 3-4 Saturday, finally I will be getting a rest soon.... Took leave so that I can have a good rest. Hope it will be a good weekend.

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Never will I be a customer to MBF again
Thursday, June 11, 2009

I became a MBF card member 2 years ago because it's giving away a free lugguage that I like.. Ended up with so much so problem that I made a police report.

There's a fraud case of my credit card. Upon reporting the case, they asked just to wait for their investigation result before I take any action ( I requested to see the CCTV, want to know who is that and whack the fella ^_^ ). After waited for a long 3 months, they are veyr "kind" to waive for me Rm200+ petrol station trasaction which does not require any signature, but asked me to pay for RM4xxx trasaction that the signature is like drawing a turtle on the paper.

!@%*!@^%#^!@(^!* Are they mad?
the best answer from them is " This is a sophisicated chip base high technology card which does not require signature verification." BULLSHIT !!! Why do I need to sign at the back of the card and why do I need to sign upon purchasing any item?

Since then, their staff Rxxxx been calling me 3-4 times a week to ask for payment.
I told her I've contacted FMB (Financial Mediation Bureau) to investigate, but she dare to shout at me
R: "You don't bluff me and try not to pay! I'm asking you to pay now"
me: "Are you threathening me to pay now?
R: "Yes. I am threathening you to pay."
me: " I'm recording this conversation. Can you repeat 1 more time of what you said just now?"
R: "Yes. I am threathening you to pay now."
me: " Give me a few second, I'm driving now, let me park my car at the side and talk to you."
R: "doooooooo" ( line cut off)

I made a police report at that night itself for the threat.

Never will I be a customer to MBF again. Think twice friends....

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Hush Puppies Fever
Monday, June 08, 2009

Mum suddenly became a fan of Hush Puppies after she bought a few HP shirt few months ago. She like the material and quality compare to other brand. She had been asking me to bring her to buy some HP shirt since January, but I was just too busy to do so... Finally HP warehouse sales was on going for 2 weeks.

She just couldn't wait and bought 3 HP shirt from Jusco (Jusco Sales) on 31st May.
I wanted to apply leave to go for the warehouse sale :) but can't really find time to do so... Finally, made my time there and these are my purchases. 15 pieces for my family (dad, brothers, kids, mum and myself of course) at RM255. good buy good buy

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