PinkLady is so terrified :(
Saturday, November 29, 2008

Last night was the most terrifying moment for me :(

I was sick and had my medicine before I went to bed. Woke up at 11pm, 1am, time at night just not feeling so well. However at 4am +, I heard a loud noise, sounded like someone is trying to break in from my back door. Like hammering my lock away....

I hesitated, should I lock myself in my room and let the guy take whatever he wanted or should I be brave and go downstair to take a look?
Arrghhhh I have nothing to defense myself :(

I shouted from my room and there's no reply.. So I went out from my room and on the staircase light. No one around, and then out of the sudden, I heard my neighbour shouted "Pencuri!!! Pencuri !!!" (thief !! thief!!!)

I opened my glass door and shout back "Mana Pencuri?? Saya panggil polis" (Where is the theif? I call police yeah"

I called the police and checked out how's my neighbour. Thank God the attempt wasn't successful, but myself and neighbour ( a lady and her mum) were terrified...
After the police left about 6 am. I couldn't sleep until morning...

Somemore I dare not stay at my house tonight... Pack my bag and am now at my brother's house...

**Scare *** scare ** frighthen **

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Time is so limited
Friday, November 28, 2008

Wanted to write some good news afte rmy last post of complaint :) but i fell sick on Wed - now (Friday)... Not very very sick unti can't move, but sick enough to make me feel blur blur and have headache..

See if I have energy to post the good news online tonight :)

OK. time to go back and pray hard that the traffic is not too bad.... even though it's a friday and it's raining :(

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Super Duper Tiring Week in year 2008
Sunday, November 23, 2008

I had a real tiring week from 16th - 23th Nov.

On the 16th, I went to Langkawi with my brother + girlfriend, niece (6 years old), nephew (11) and nephew (2). Took a noght flight from KLIA to Langkawi with MAS. very tired of course, hahah

17th, the kids woke me up at 7:30am ready to start their holiday. We went to Wild Life Park, Waterfall, beach, the famous Eagle Square and did some duty free shopping at night... They were to too tired for the shopping, but that was the only short 2 hours of my happy hour :)

18th, kids cannot wake up, hahah, but I have to wake them up for breakfast & pack up.
After check out, we head to corcodile farm and then went to "take a look" at the cable car station :) because not enough time to take any ride.

My flight was 6:35pm and we reached airport at 5:30pm, heheh it's ok for domestic flight. However, I made the biggest mistake I shouldn't have made.... My brother & his gf's flight was at 5:35pm

Wooooo....woo ... the mistake is very expensive... I had to pay RM398/person to purchase a new ticket.. ARGGGGHHHHH with that amount of money, I can have a good holiday in Phuket or Bali already...

The worst thing is yet to come. Our flight got delayed until 8pm. If they inform me when I purchase the ticket, I could have get the air asia ticket which only coist me RM180/person.

STUPID MAS. STUPID Malaysia Airline. I argues with the officer for not informing me. The flight was delayed because of "Technical Problem" which they alredy know it at 2:45pm. I hate MAS. MAS will not be my 1st choise anymore. DO NOT take MAS. Shame on MAS !!! (phew ... now you know how angry was I)

Reach home about 11pm ....

19th. Went to work. Work is ok, but got a call from customer asking for urgent support... wao .. this is interesting because I just join this company for 2 weeks and I have not been "trained" on how that product support works...
With some help from my boss and colleague, finally manage to help my customer out.. felt happy ...

20th -22nd : This is where the nightmare starts. I signed my niece and nephew (+ my nephew's cousin) up for my church's Kid camp. I myself is helping in the camp also. I knew how it's like because I was there last year. Have to wake up at 6am everyday, play games with them, both indoor and outdoor. Reach home about 9/10pm. I haev no problem waking up... but... making sure that 3 kids can make it is a big challenge.

22nd night, there's a borthday party at home for 2 of my nephew (2 year old). I rushed home to work with the caterer, take care of guess & etc... until 12 midnight.

23rd, my cute nephew woke me up at 9.... Went to church, got headache taking care of him (2 y/o). Afternoon went back to puchong to clean my house a bit and went back to my brother's house again....

Finally, I have time to be connected now... Wanted to prepare for tomorrow's work since I was absense for almost 1 week....

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Another reason why I hate Damansara
Monday, November 03, 2008

Today I was only 5 minutes late leaving my house, then I got extra 15 minutes on the road. Great !!!!

That's not the best.

I was about to go home and notice my car have got some additional accessory on it... a special LOCK/CLAMP on my tyre , WHY ????

I look at the parking lot, there's no car registration number hanging on it. So I went to the Office and complaint about it. Then only they show me there's a number hanging at the back.

How would I be able to see "AT THE BACK"???
I argued with the officer and refuse to pay the penalty (RM30)...

Finally, they let me go because I told them I'm new and it's also their fault putting the number at the back. But... I have another reason to hate damansara, hahahhaa

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It's just "matter of time"
Sunday, November 02, 2008

Heard people said this often : just the matter of time.
And I wish to belive it's true , hahhaah

It's only 2 days of working in Damansara, I kinda like cannot tahan (cannot take) the traffic. Driving in the Jam is very tiring and I think it's not worth doing that. I don't mind driving long distance, but cannot take slight heavy traffic.

And guess what I've got myself into ? hahhahah

Well.... Hopefully , 1 of the following will happen:
1. Get used to it and enjoy the traffic
2. Try to find a new route that has no jam, then laugh at everyone that get stucked at LDP every morning for years ( hahah .... )
3. Convinve my boss to move the office to Puchong/Cyberjaya (hoohoohoo... and let everyone else suffer except for me)

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