Out of Control
Thursday, June 28, 2007

Recently got irritated very fast and very tense up. Thank to my colleague who reminded me that I've been not normal recently... hahaha

My apology for being "Gila Babi" to those victim :(
OkOk. I will remind myself to take things easy and be calm....

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Swimming Progress Report
Sunday, June 24, 2007

Today feel like going for a swim after being busy for the whole week. SO I drop by My friend's place to use the swimming pool facility. This time is a bit different because.... My niece followed me... she loves swimming , so once she know that I was going for a swim, she wanted to follow and stick to me every step I move...

In the pool (kids pool of course), there are also some other kids there.. I wanted to go to the adult pool but I niece doesn't know how to swim .. oh, she is only 5 by the way... I can't leave her alone there.

Anyway, met a small girl at the age of 7, she is veyr friendly and start talking to me while I was watching over my niece. When I go over to the adult pool for just 1 lap, she followed my with her float... Her mum got a shock because she(Elizabeth) can't swim. She was very quick to tell the mum I was watching over her ... hahhah

This is what happen after that...
Susan ( the mummy) asked me "Do you teach swimming? My duaghther love swimming but I can't swim.."

Err..... I told her I am still learning too... hahahh she must be like "oh no"
hhaahha A half plus six woman dunno from where bringing the daughther to adult pool, ans the thing is .. she can't swim .. hahah

Anyway, got to know them and kinda like chat a while. She invited me for dinner the next time I drop by the apartment.

(yeah) this shown that my leavning skill can "bluff" people already, she tought I can swim .. yeah yeah !!!!

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1 cent only... what's the big deal?
Wednesday, June 20, 2007

If you are charged extra 1 cent for a transaction, may be a bottle of drink or a pack of junk food, do you bother? I believe most of the people will not bother... or it's not worth the time to do anything about it.

Heheh .... I don't ask question for nothing ... must have some story to tell :) here it goes .... tatada

It was 7:20pm , coming back to KL from Malacca, I stop by at Ayer Keroh Rest Area (not the Jejantas) to fill up petrol @ PETRONAS. I just wanted to fill RM30.00 because I prefer Shell Petrol. After filling the petrol, I took a look at the credit card sle draft printed out from the machine. Eh ??? it's RM30.01? I double check the total amount of petrol I pump again.... it should be only RM30.00. Why are they charging me extra 1 cent? (yeah, I know, you will be saying " Cheah! 1 cent only is it?"

I show 1 of the staff and told him that I'm charged extra 1 cent. He said "I don't know la." Hm ... what type of answer is this? by the way, I hate it when people tell me "I don't know" when they should know. Ok, fine... and then 2 more staffs walked towards me and they start discussing about my complaint..

"Aiyo, satu sen saja la. You mau I bagi you la..."
translation: (Aiyor, one cent only is it? YOu want I give you la")

This is a super bad attitude and it's an insult to me and to their way of doing business!! I "shouted" (just raise my voice only la) at them and told them they should not talk to me like that, it's not about the 1 cent, it's how they do business, thjey are cheating their customer!!

I walked straight to the counter and purposely speak loudly (because other customers there) "How can you all cheat your customer like that ? If you charge 1cen extra for every transaction, you will be rich by cheating your customer only. This is not right."

The staff at the counter told me this ... listen carfully "Oh, this is not the first time la, we always have customer complaint the machine charge them extra. But it's not our problem, we cannot do anything about it because it's the machine problem."

BAD BAD BAD... it is sooooo memalukan (shameful) to be the biggest local petroluem company. which mean ... they have been cheating on their customer all the time.

After some argueing , they did some useless things for me:
1) Printed out a receipt of RM30.01 which I only pump RM30.00 putrol
2) Printed out someone else's receipt of Rm30.00 which has a different transaction number and pump number
3) Explained to me it's machine probelm, not their problem

FINE!! then I will let the machine justify itself. When I reached home, I called the bank and told them this trasaction amount is not correct and the merchant refused to cancel it for me .. so I'm cancelling it on my own... The 1st question the bank staff asked me is "did you sign on the sale draft?" Oh ... good thing I didn't sign anything.

OK .. now. I will dispute this transaction and let the Petrol Pump machine argue with my Wira (Car) Engine and see if both of them can figure out a solution or not.
Since it's not the Petronas Staff or management's problem, it's neither my problem, because I did not consume the petrol and it's already gone by the time I reach KL.

May be when they start talking in machine language, they can understand each other better...

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Malacca ---- Here I come
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Malacca Malacca ... Malacca is becoming my second home soon ....

Just a bit tired travelling up and down .. with all the tasks to be completed..

But I shall make this the moment where I can laugh when I look back one day .....

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Back to blogging ...
Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hm ... was just chit chating with friend this afternoon over lunch .. and suddenly notice that I've been away from blogging for some time ...

Been too busy(everyone give this same lousy reason) ? or nothing much happen in life (such a boring life)? hahah ... i think it's both ... BUT... this should be over very soon. By next week I should be completing 1 project at hand and then life should be less boring ;)

Been a long time didn't write program and nw is back to programming again. Interesting finding I discovered:
Previously , it's so difficult for me to leave programming work and go into project management. However after several years of managing projects (though sometime I don't really know whether I'm helping or not),it has been what I can do well.... Having high expectation over myself and others have put me into some emotion shakening...

I guess it's time for me to plan for a short trip out of the country again .... :)

But as of now ... Jia You Jia You .... complete work@hand and then I can enjoy ...

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Been travelling to Malacca very often ...
4th & 5th
7th - 11th

Didn't go home over the weekend also ...
When i'm not in KL then only I found out I have tons of thing to do in KL :(

1) Have to clear my credit card statement
2) Newly purchased TV cannot setup properly by my parents
3) Car insurance and road tax due
4) Missed friend's party
5) Niece & nephew calling me to go home and play with them ...
etc etc ...

but ... Finally I ecided to go home tomorrow. Feel like taking leave and just sit at home and do nothing :) been through the busiest moment in my life... Hope to slow down a bit, just this engine in me has no "break"...

Just have to enjoy thi busy moment ....
All the best.

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Continue from previous post .....
Sunday, June 10, 2007

Found out something really silly(me) after I posted my complaint regarding the splitter I got from Streamyx vendor .....

If you know me, you would have guessed what is it...

Actually the splitter is ok. I just plug the cable wrongly... Due to some non standard of their design ..

hahah ....

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New Environment
Friday, June 01, 2007

Shifted in to my new house for about 2 weeks... Still gettting use to it.... especially living in a place without INTERNET ....

But the good news is ... finally I got it today!!!! NOW!!

Been waiting for my account to be activated, unfortunately found out my splitter is not working after calling the technical support. :( so sad, didn't they t est it before giving out to customer?

Firstly I got my telephone line installed, then streamyx application need to wait for the line to be activated. After getting that done, the streamyx people did something and cause my telephone line has no tone at all. And then I got it settled and splitter is giving problem pula. Feed up with all the hassle I have to go through in moving house...

Moving in to the house was very easy... just a backpack with my pillow. Preparing a house to be a home is not easy... cleaning and cleaning and cleaning... gate got problem, toilet leak, touch up here and there ... hahah ... a bit tired, but enjoying though... learning to be real independent. But mum still is a great help in buying lots of small stuffs. eg: brush, table cloth, broom,can opener, instant noddle for emergency use...

Well... with my internet connection, it is complete :)

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