Year 2007 - Bas news
Saturday, January 27, 2007

Stepping into year 2007, I was hoping for a better year ... but there are some bad news from the family ....

1) My grandma had a stroke on her right side.
2) My grandpa felt down in the toilet and hospitalise

It's quite sad to see that no matter how close is the family member, when it comes to taking care of the old folks, money is always the main concern instead of making sure they get well ...

Not sure whether this will happen to me when I get old or not :)

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Petrol Station Story
Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Today went to petrol station to fill my car's tank because I'll be going to Malacca tomorrow. Beside fuel, I wanted to also pump my car's tyre air, but when I reached the petrol station I saw a car at the "air station" (heheh ... don't know how to call it). So i decided to pump petrol first and then fill the air.

While I was pumping petrol, I observed the car and notice the driver is not pumping air, but park there so that he can wet some tissue to wipe his car. He keep taking tissue and keep wiping his car, until I'm done with my petrol. I drover my car there to give him a bit of pressure, but he show me a hand signal to wait. Well, I think he is a bit selfish , so I look at him, and then he move his car aside.

While I was pumping air, I saw this guy throwing tissue near the water tap. "Walau eh" this guy is not only selfish but uncivilise... I cannot tahan anymore ... hehe ... when he come near the water tap to wet his tissue again, I sounded him
Please take care of the place and do not throw your tissue all around

I saw his face like shocked... But I don't care and just go back to my car and drove off...

How can he be so inconsiderate... I cannot understand...

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Be Strong & Relax
Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Things happened and things never happen....
After 1 week of hiding in Dec 2006, I hope I can be more mature in handling things, have a bigger heart, more patient, less hot temper & etc ...

Been thinking of a word to describe how I feel recently because it's a mix feeling inside, feel exicting about things going to happen soon, but have some fear in facing it becuase I do not know what is going to take place. Didn't do very well in year 2006 and hoping year 2007 will be better (with reservation).

It's a brand new year and I'm challenging myself to face whatever challenges and may be go out and find them and go through them ...

I can only tell myself and others:

Be strong and relax ...

It sounds so contradicting

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Eating non-stop
Saturday, January 06, 2007

It has been an eating time since the beginning of year 2007 !!!
1st Jan
Brought my family out for lunch in Puchong @ Mizi Shabu Shabu Restaurant(to celebrate my big day to come ....) . Then went to Bukit Jalil Golf Club for swimming. Had dinner at home alone after that :)

2nd Jan
Met an old friend for dinner and got her to pay for the dinner because my big day coming soon :)

3rd Jan
It's my big day today according to the chinese calendar. Went back home to haev dinner with family... had a Gordan Blue Chicken Meal .. super full ....

4th Jan
It's my big day according to the western calendar. Had lunch with colleague...KFC !!! Yummy... Had a cake too as tea time. Pandan Layer Cake...
And followed by a Shabu Shabu dinner @ Mizi again. Over-order and over ate.
Went to church after dinner for a prayer time and then it's supper time!!! Had banana
as cake .. (it's not typo erro... not "banana cake" but "banana as cake"). Very creative celebration to replace traditional cake with banana .. oppss ... sorry .. should be RAW banana.... so raw..

5th Jan
Secondary school classmate are always very thoughtful to give me a birthday treat....
had dinner @ Pizza Uno. Very good food and a good home made cake by a good friend..

Thanks to everyone who is so thoughtful of me ... felt so touched ;) and blessed to have so many good friends around me....

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