The mutant in me
Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Watched X Men today and it's about mutants (yah... everyone knows that). There's something I remember very clearly about the whole show is
Do not let it control you

While driving back, something ring in my mind .... I am also like one of the mutants in the show, and yes... I AM.

I have the "power" to destroy when I lost control of myself or being controlled by my emotion(just like Jane). In my previous post(very old post), I always think I have split identity and may be that is true... hahahha

I see myself like Jane... When the mutant in me takes control, I start destroying things around me, people around me... even those I love. And right after that the "human" me woke up and realise the damages caused. Immediately guilt and shame came in ... the "human" me do not wish to see damage and just go away... this leave the best opportunity for Magneto to convince the mutant in me to join him and be mutant forever....

I'm waiting for the day that someone will save me out of my suffering but the only way is to kill the mutant me and the human me together becuase they are actually ONE :)

Wao .... it sounds like a bad movie...
Better stop here and not frighten those wanted to watch this movie and sorry for those do not wish to know about the movie, but have no choice after reading this entry....

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Nagging vs Silience
Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just a though came to me today, we always don't like it when someone nag at us or complaint a lot.

I also like to complaint a lot, nag a lot and sometime I pity those who have to listen to me ....

But what is worse than complaining nonstop, is when someone stop complaining.
When they had enough of complaint, enough of talking, enough of being a grandmother, they will not talk anymore, they will not care anymore....

Appreciate those who always complaint and nag at you for they care ....
One day ..... One day when they stop talking, you will know it that they really care

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Lang Tengah - The most
Thursday, May 18, 2006

Has a lot of ne experiences in Lang Tengah:

Most Fun:
Learn to snorkel and I found out using a flipper really helps :)

Most Daring:
While everyone is having afternoon nap, I went out with my gear and start snorkel infront of the resort. I mean real snorkel... and fyi, I don't know how to swim le

Most Scary:
Feeding fishes during my last snorkel session and saw a 5 feet shark eating his breakfast right in front of me. Trying to indicate to my dad, but he didn't see me. So I left him there and swim back on my own (heheh such a good daugther)

Most Sinful:
Had a plate of Nasi Lemak during 1 breakfast time because that the only thing they served besides toast bread. Have not been eating my favourite Nasi Lemak for 5 months since I want to jaga badan (keep fit). Anyway, it taste really good ...

Most Tiring:
After a tiring holiday, need to wait for flight for 10 hours. Somemore got a bad news that the flight will be delayed. Reached home 2 am in the morning.

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I'm back
Sunday, May 14, 2006

Back from Lang Tengah "finally" .... sounds like a suffering trip? Not really... has avery good trip in fact and have a lot of new experience like went swimming (oh .. swimming? Pink Lady can't swim), snorkelling, etc ...

But the torture came when our flight back to KL got delayed twice....

Post more about my trip soon ... need to catch some Zzzzz ...

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Was chitchating with a friend in a cafe and suddenly we talk about achivement. Then we start thinking what have we achieve in life? If I were to leave this world today, what will be my achivement? I haev no idea and we left the conversation there....

Have not been talking to mum because I'm also too busy to with my laptop & surfing the internet... Finally spent some time with mum... She is a very good mum. She worked hard, very very hard for her children. The only day she didn't work was when she was hospitalised 8 years ago (I was studying in Australia). I always ask mum to stop her work, all of us are working, so she can just go travel or do anything she like. I always thought mum works too hard for all of us ...

But ... there's something I just found out. Mum has dream too and she had achieve it... Mum wanted to have X amount of cash in her bank account and she work hard for it for 35 years. She shown me her account, the amount .. and told me she finally achieve that ... I can see the joy from her face. That's her achievement

I also want to haev some achievements, but I need to have a dream first... a dream that does not change easily....

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My fish

my fish #2

A huge dolphine occupying all the space in my room

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