Am I a programmer?
Friday, March 17, 2006

It has been such a long time since the last time I wrote software... Hmmmm... may be 1 1/2 to 2 years. I had been writting software since school time, university, work, etc ... for more than 10 years

Recently my boss gave me a mission to write a prototype within 1 week to demo to customer. In fact I don't have 1 full week... I only have 5 days and from 7pm onwards til midnight.

The first night was a big time for me to get myself to recall some of the basic functions of getting a list of file in a folder, write to file, read from file. Oh man ... I knew my programming skill is bad , hahahha (karat) rusted totally

Well, somehow got about 80% of the prototype up today and tested it and I wish I could tell you it works perfectly fine and I'm proud of my programming skill again ..
hahahah the prototype was not functioning. The algorithm cannot work due to some external factor ^_^

Reached home about 11 and took a quick shower. Continue to work on it and finally I see some "light". Manage to get it work but it's only like 80% functioning. Just have to fine tune the algorithm further and make it work !!!!

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School Holiday
Sunday, March 12, 2006

Today is Sunday and I drove to church as usual. The only unusual thing is the traffic at Federal Highway. It was sooooo jam. I can't believe that is the traffic any of us expect on Sunday morning 10am...

Seems like I will have a hard time for 1 week going to work. have no idea why but the traffic is always heavy during school holiday...

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Considering this my best shot of today's Visit to Sungai Gabai. Nothing special but as I review my photos, this picture give me a very confortable feeling....

A peep to the outside world

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Spotted this small spider waiting patiently on its nicely done web for food... I love the "zig zag" desgin at the 4 corner.

Too bad, I have a shaky hand and didn;t manage to get a very good picture.

Good designer - Mr. Spider

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Peanuts Joke
Friday, March 10, 2006

Had dinner after work and was talking about diet again .... can't really remember why we start talking about nuts, and peanuts came to my mind.

"1 peanut contributes 200 calorie" and this statement from my mouth brought a big laughther due to the creativity of my colleagues ^_^ They were laughing at it and was imagining that if this statement is true, then you just need to have 1 peanut whenever you felt you do not have enough energy (hahahha) so much like spinach for popeye

I recalled I did one Lab Experiment in school time...

Finally found some fact on Peanut Calories

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Had a interesting thought today during dinner table... why do we eat? Do we eat because we need the energy ? or because we do not want to get gastric?

I think eating is optional :)

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Sunday = Cleaning Day
Sunday, March 05, 2006

I haev been cleaning my room sicne Chinese New Year... (Hm ... that was 1 month ago). Not that I have a big room (but in fact I am), but the only time I have to clean up is Sunday evening.... So I have to clean by parts.

Week 1: Closet
Week 2: Dressing Table
Week 3: Study Table / Work Station
Week 4: Display Cabinet
Week 5: Storage Cabinet, which is today

As I took out all the old & memorable boxes, I saw my primary school life, secondary memories, College's fun & University life. The biggest finding might be my 40+ hand bags... I have to throw some of them. My 30+ pairs of shoes and I have to throw some of them too. However I still keep all my collections - Stamps, watches, book marks, Envelops & Letters, Report Cards, Shell and Stones. May be one day when I do not have space for them, I will sell them .. Anyone interested to buy some stones ? hahahaha

The mess before cleaning

My Primary Report Card :)

Some collection - Stamp

Clean !!!

Super Clean !!!

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