Bali is near
Sunday, July 31, 2005

Almost done with my Bali trip arrnagement:

* Flight - done
* Hotel - done
* Passport - valid
* Foreign currency - 2 million Ruppiah + 100 USD
* Lugguage - still empty
* Ground tour - no need to hurray

Conclusion: Just pack my bag and go ;)

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Went shopping today and I had a whole new experiece shopping without needing money.. not using credit card or doing window shopping ;)

I got some vouchers from Jaya Jusco (RM20 x 10 pieces) and decided to make full use of them.

The feeling of shopping this way was great !!! My niece and myself just walk around and drop anything we like into the basket... hahahh. However I notice we didn't get a lot of things, only RM 50.

While I was taking bath, it triggers me to think baouth tis question: What if I own a supermarket? That means I will never need to pay money taking anything from it. Hmmmmm ..... no fun at all, no fun at all !!!!

Hehehe ... I myself do not understand this women behavior ;)

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It has been 10 years
Saturday, July 30, 2005

Yean is back and we decided to pa our high school a visit today since there's a fun fair to raise fund for the new school building. I was thinking to wear a high school T-Shirt, so I take a good look at it and notice something .. waoh .. It was made in 1995 !!! It has been 10 years since I left my high school ;0 (getting old)

Highlight of te day: We were looking for some drink along the way and some junior start asking us "Want to try some jelly , xxxxxx?", "Want to have some fishball, xxxxxx?" {xxxxx = auntie) ;) haahhahaha ...

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Got invited by Kevin to have a break in 1 U for movie, and because I read a blog entry that the seat is designed in a very special way, I suggested to have it in GSC.

After all, it has caused some neck pain and motion sickness. And I have to comment that the designer has not taken in consideration for some shorter customer.... If the seat can be tilt by 15 - 20 degree back. it will be perfect then ;)

The movie is ok. I'll give 3.6/5 for the movie and 0/5 for the comfort.

By the way, thanks to zbjernak who bought the tickets...

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Can you collect it when you are free?
Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What is in your mind when you hear this question?

UPS? DHL? Lucky draw free gift? ?????

I went to "A" bank to open an account today and the smart teller made me waited there for 20 minutes while asking his colleague what is my account category's code. After such a long time waiting, I was also blur blur, and he just gave me my bank in slip and said "OK. Sudah" (Okay, it's done).

I walked back to my office and pick up a cup of ice Cendol on the way. Once I reached office, I got a call from the bank. "Miss, are you so and so? You left your IC in our branch here." {So, how ? I asked} "Can you collect it when you are free?"

~_~ "When I am free????" What statement is that? I walked all the way back to the bank and they never even apology, just "OK".

Well... Hope they don't let trainee handle this anymore.

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Badminton Today
Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Only played 1 game today for our badminton session :0 That is from beginning until the end. This is because only 4 persons are playing today.

Got my leg injured in the 1st game, but I still "tahan" (bear with it). And then I was trying to learn up new technique and got my wrist twisted ;) And then on the way back, I got my neck injured ;0

Full of injury today. I think Bali is good, will definitely try their traditional massage and SPA...

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

My best friend is back from Australia. Welcome back Yean.

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Under Water Experience
Saturday, July 23, 2005

Decided to go for a Water Rafting with my colleague 2 days ago... and to day is the day I am going to declare it that I am facing this challenge again since the last time I chicken out ;)

It's a Level 3 Water Rafting near Gopeng. It's quite boring actaully ;) hahahahah ... except for 2 incidents:

1) My whole body was lifted up from the boat and drank a lot of water. I'm the only one that drank water because I'm facing the strong wave alone... alone, even though my colleagues are all around me ;0

2) Body surfing at a nice spot. I was pulled down by a strong current and drank some water. I lifted both of my hands up and trying to get some attention or rescue. But too bad, Sam left me there to drink some water before he rescue me ;&

Well , It's a good experience any way ...

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Why like that one?
Friday, July 22, 2005

I have been doing a lot of searching tring to get the best deal for my Bali trip. Since it's just another 8 more days, I decided to go with one package and will be about RM400 for 7 night stay ...

Just right after I paid using my credit card over the internet. There are more better packages popping up on my sceen ....

Why like that one ???????

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Another week just ended like that ... Can't recall what have I done for this week....
My job is getting more and more invisible, cannot be measured physically...

As for my Bali trip, still have not book a hotel or done any arrangement ;) I am not sure if my friend will get frighten when she read this post , because she is letting me to arrangement the trip .. hohohohoho ....

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Rich vs Poor
Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I am few millions richer and couple of thousand poorer. So, am I richer or poorer now? :0

Yeah .. you are right, that is a trick question. I am a millionare now because I just got my Ruppiah ready for my Bali trip in 2 weeks time. At the same time, I am couple of thousand poorer after signing my SPA.

After 20 over years, now only I start doing financial planning ;) Hope it's not too late then.

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What to do in Bali?
Sunday, July 17, 2005

Didn't realize I'll be leaving to Bali in 2 weeks time. The only thing I have arranged is my flight ;) hotel, tour, airport transfer , etc ... all not yet arrange. Anyone has any suggestion or recommendation ?

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Busy Week
Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Has been a busy week for me although it's just Wed today.

Some highlight of this week :

Monday : Twisted my back because of my laptop (It's too heavy)
Tuesday : Went to Malacca and got my back twisted again while plugging in& out of a USB key. Skip the badminton session due to the pain... can't even take a deep breath
Wednesday : Had 4 meetings in office. Trying to finalise my new office's design with my boss until 9 pm in office
Thursday : Will be going to Malacca to help to setup a machine to demo to a customer. Staying 1 night in Malacca


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Another construction problem
Monday, July 11, 2005

Heard the news this morning that the NKVE construction is having some "small" problem.

I always wander whether this only happen in Malaysia ? From time to time, there will be some cracks here and there. Then block the way for several days or months. Everyone know about it, but no one know what causes that. The report was not clear ( in fact not acceptable) to explain the situation.

"Oh, it's not the developer's fault/ problem."
"We didn't find any problem with the process/ material"

Blame it to the Tsunami then .... 0_0

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Soft & Hard
Sunday, July 10, 2005

There is something I know, it's so soft and yet so hard. It's woman's heart.

Woman's heart can be extremely soft especially when they are in love, they will do almost everything for the guy. But guys, don't take advantage of this and don;t be too much.

When a woman's heart turn hard, it is just hard. You wouldn't want to try it. So guys, don't ever make the heart of the woman you love turn hard...

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Shopping again ?
Saturday, July 09, 2005

Pink Lady went shopping again today and bought something even more expensive then the OSIM Massage Chair .... Has her buying power increased ? or she is just addicted to buying anything ;)

This is also why she was so trouble in her previous POST.

OK. Pink Lady bought a house today ... wooh .. a house !!! Really can't believe it.

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Went to The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre today for a Ballet/Jazz show.... Hm .. you must be thinking since when LinkLady has this interest in "Dance". It's not bad to have some different activities beside the famous keyboard typing, mouse clicking or monitor showing activities

It's a good time and I do enjoy the dance, though do not understand it all. The interesting part is after the last dance, the MC annouced that the performance has ended and invited all to standup for a song , the famous Negaraku :) A new experience for me ;)

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Your Brain is 33.33% Female, 66.67% Male

You have a total boy brain

Logical and detailed, you tend to look at the facts

And while your emotions do sway you sometimes...

You never like to get feelings too involved

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Making Decisions
Sunday, July 03, 2005

It has been a very eventful month for me , June 2005. I have made many major decisions in my life. Some are bad decisions which brought disasters, some are stupid decisions which leads me to pay a price, some I don't know whether it's good or not .....

All of a sudden, I notice that I have not made many good decisions adn this is the fact of life. We learn through by making wrong decisions and remember them all, because they caused us pain. But we indeed made many good decisions that we might not remember ..

OK. I have no idea why I ended up with this philosophy ... Just want to let my reader know I have decided to go to Bali for a holiday :)

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Internet Addicts Gathering
Saturday, July 02, 2005

How much time do you spend everyday in surfing internet, online chat, upload files, ownload files, etc ???

If you think you are one Internet Addicts or someone told you so, you might want to join this gathering ...

Internet Addicts Gathering

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I got a call from my brother on Tuesday. he told me he got a lucky draw and might be winning one of these : Perdana V6 , Kancil, 110 cc Motor, 43 inch TV, Stove worth RM4000 or RM5000 cash...

.... and here comes the fine print * To be eligible for any of these gifts, you need to purchase their promotional products which cost RM 2800.

Anyone with a right mind will know something is wrong ... The sales person was soooo kind that he is willing to follow my brother to the bank to draw out money and then lead him to their HQ to claim the free gift :( I told my brother if he insist he want to get the free gift, the next place I have to go with him will be police station.

He insisted and so I was thinking to let him learn a lesson (with my money ????). I went to the bank with him and draw out RM1000, and then another RM1000, and then Thank God that is the limit I set for each day.

He still wanted it so much and I went back to office to loan from my colleague ( oh no, am I crazy to allow this happen ?).

To cut the story short, I didn't give him the money after talking to my colleague. It's also because: I think he is going to learn this lesson with my money, which can be put to better use.

~~~~~~~~~~ The next day

My mum found an article from the newspaper's Consumer Complaint Corner. That company that is giving this "free" lucky draw is getting some free advertisement...

Thank God for colleagues with wisdom ;)

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