Reading Books
Thursday, March 31, 2005

Pink Lady found out a mystery and art of reading books recently. And this made her start to love reading ...

People wrote books by sharing their experience, survey, study, analysis , etc ..
They are not meant to be "THE FORMULA" to be rich, successful, etc...
They are for referenced purposes. By knowing these experiences and study people have done, it helps us in our decision making, thought pattern, understanding, etc ...

Pink Lady was just amused by this ... and she love reading books that the author share their life experience .....

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Had arranged some interview since Monday.

Some highlights :

C: Tell me something about yourself
I: ..... blah blah blah

C: Why do you study IT ?
I: hmmm.... I don't know. I think I may be I like IT

C: May be? OK, we are hiring programmer, do you like programming then ?
I: errr .... I think so... I don't know

C: Ok. I think I will stop the interview session now, unless you can convince me to continue... I don't see your interest in this job at all.
I: OK. No problem.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have no idea why some people has no passion , no dream , no direction at all

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What do we live for ?
Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter had just passed. I am so guilty about it because I was so busy with work until I miss the Good Friday Service and the tireness dragged until Sunday.

So tired to do anything, even to just think about the meaning of Easter or what is God speaking to me ?

I think it's good for us to evaluate ourselves constantly and see if we are aligned to God's plan and purposes in life. He is not interested in how hard we work, how smart we are, how well we can handle businesses .....

His only interest is how much do we remember Him and love Him ? Whether we do what He has commanded us.

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I think something is wrong with me today. I took 30 minutes to drive from KLIA to my house in Sungai Besi.

Was going about 160 km/h and over taking from both left and right side. I know it is very dangerous especially just after the rain the road is still wet. Just can't help it.

May be should change to a 20 years old car that can only reach 60 km/h, then it helps.....

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

I got 2 books from the MPH sales today:
1. The Enthusiastic Employee
2. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

And Special Annoucement :
I have updated my blog template. Under the section of "My Photos"
Please view my Phuket Photos from the link there

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Special Thanks to Sam
Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Special thanks to Sam, because he managed to rescue my photos in the SD card that got soaked in the sea water .....

And now everyone can enjoy the beautiful photos I'm going to share it ....

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Oppss I Did It Again
Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Before I came to Phuket, my best friend (PS) called me & her specific warning to me is:
DO NOT simply talk to taxi driver & give your phone number away.

No clue why am I getting this advice?
Hahahah...... See this Pink Lady and Mad Taxi Driver

And guess what *_* I did it again. But this time is a totally different scenario.... I gave my address & phone number to the crew I met on my first day adventure. He gave me some souvenir & picked some shell for me as well. I believe he is a nice guy. Anyway..... as if he is going to call me..::

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My plan for today is 9 in 1 Safari...
Well ... My mood is kinda spoiled because of my wet-cam :(

We have a very small group today: total of 2 person + driver + tour guide.
The first 20 minutes is sooooo fun, we are on a jeep going into the mountain. For those who has motion sickness :) you miss all the fun man...

Elephant trekking is normal, rice farming is errr... so amazing to the foreigner, for me is just like ah.....
Everything just so so only.... Until the jungle walking part.

Rachel was wearing a skirt & a pair of slippers. We got a hard time in the jungle. The tour guide was moving so fast. People like me "trying" to be adventurous really cannot follow. The 10 mins of walking ( on roots of tree & rocks) was like years....

At the end of the 10th mins, Rachel & myself decided to make a U-turn. Hehehe...... Another 7 km we shall reach the mountain top (we were only 1 km from ground). Ok ok, the tour guide follows our decision of course.

We took a smoother path down the hill & it took us 20 mins. Yeah!!! Mission accomplished :) at least I can tell people I went jungle trekking! (Though it's really a short one)

Got my leg injured as expected & no mood after confirmation that my Nikon is really really..... Gone. Decided to quit Thai Boxing & change to Phuket FantaSea show.
Well, it's d only right decision for the day. The show is really fantastic!!! Worth watching.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After the FantaSea show, I decided to try Thai Massage. It was really good... Rm 40 for 2 hours in my hotel room.

The only draw back is that I almost got killed :) soooooo painful & scary

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Well... My first tour will be going to James Bond Island and stopping by 3 Island along the way.

The mini bus came to pick me up at 8:15am. Woooh, the so called mini bus is actually a 12 seater van :(

I got a free coastal ride from Patong Beach to Ao Po. 9 foreigners (5 big size guys & 4 ladies) + driver + me are in the "mini bus" going thru the mountain road. Worst still we were late, so you can probably imagine how was the ride..:

Because I am alone & of course my beauty ^_^ the crews treated me very good. Free drinks for me & all the way stayed with me to take photographs for me.

For natural canoe, we have to be in pairs, so I got to know this guy from England call Bryan. Waoooo this is his 11th month of his holiday. He quit his job & started traveling since May 2004. How I wished I can do the same thing :) my boss will be counseling me if this blog eventually goes to his mailbox :) hehehehe

My only regret for this trip is that I still don't know how to swim yet...:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The last stop before going back to phuket is Naka Island. 1 hour of swimming & sea canoe. And my choice is definitely go for sea canoe :) because I can't swim.

I got a very good destination for myself. It's a small beach 1 km away the beach we gathered. And I requested to 'adventure' on my own, meaning that the crew is not following, not even watching from far ....

It was good in the beginning and I felt soooooo good ^_^ . 10 minutes later when I'm totally away from everybody's eye sight, I look down..... I see nothing but stones & branches. I look forward & didn't see anyone on the beach I'm going. Oppss..... It's not a good sign & I decided to make a u-turn. The wind was so strong suddenly & no matter how hard I swing the paddle, my boat doesn't seem like moving. My hands are tired & I just rest for 10 secs. Oh no! The strong wind & waves are pushing even further. Then I kept swinging the paddle & guess what..... I still didn't move even a feet. I got soooo panic, the fear is real. (In case some of you thought I never fear)

I keep my hands on the paddle & fix my eyes to the beach just 1 km away. This is the hardest time I ever had to reach a destination 1 km away.

Worst still, I left my camera's plastic bag open & I got a wetcam (not webcam). Here goes my day in Phuket without a camera :(

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Say hello to Phuket
Saturday, March 19, 2005

Leaving to Phuket in 9 hours time and this is what I have packed so far : 2 bottles of sunblock, a pair of socks & 1 adaptor *_* Posted by Hello

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Holiday ?
Friday, March 18, 2005

Though I have planned for a holiday and finally got my booking done and paid everything one month ago.... And my holiday suppose to be tomorrow :)

But guess what, I am sooooo tired to go anywhere. I think what I wanted is just sleep.... it doesn't matter where is the place.... Don't understand why ?

It's 5 am now and I am not sleeping yet. Now you know why I need sleep ?
Ya I need a lot of sleep indeed.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I am learning again how to handle stress...
When I thought I have learnt that before and will be able to over storms of life, here comes another cycle of learning, over coming .... the difference is that everytime there will be a different type of storm we need to face. It can be family, work, relationship, adapting changes or recovering from hurts, etc

What is the storm for you now ? Try to go through

It helps me to understand my storm and overcome it face to face.

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Oh My Soul
Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Oh my soul
Why are you so downcast ?
Can't you remember the goodness of God ?
Don't you see His promises ?

Be strong and take courage
Press on .......
Until God send His angel

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Virtual World
Sunday, March 13, 2005

Human are slowing moving towards living a life in a virtual world.....

Think about this for a moment:
Do you see your friend online more than seeing them face to face?

People can be friends by just communicating through internet, without even seen their face. Home office contributed a lot to bring virtual world into reality. You don't need to see your colleagues and bosses.

People are hiding their identity using nickname {this including me}....

Good or bad ? For you to comment . . . .

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God is sooooo good
Friday, March 11, 2005

I just want to thank God for His goodness.
He is soooo good to me, too good to me that I felt so unworthy.

God blessed me with a big sum $$$$ and the amazing part is that He only ask me to give 10% back to His Kingdom. How amazing is God's love.


During LF on Thursday, God revealed 4 words to me:
1. Integrity
2. Obedient
3. Faith
4. Blessing

I have my resolution set for Year 2005, and this is what God has for me :)

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Pink Lady was very disturbed by the statement people made "The software got bug."
When it is true, we have to accept it {no doubt}. But when it is not, please do not blame it to the software.

scenario >>>
Customer: Your software got bug lah
Pink Lady: can you describe the problem to me ?
Customer: .... blah blah... blah ..
Pink Lady: Since when you have been facing this problem ?
Customer: Oh ... It was working fine until 2 weeks ago. I don't know what happen. I think your software got bug. Can you fix it ?

Pink Lady in total speechless situation ....
Do you know what software is? They are just 0s and 1s and they are supposed to just to the same 0s and 1s for the rest of their life (except for self-learning intelligent software).

I urge you, do not simply blame every problem you have to "software". Put it in a different way >>>
Customer: Your system is reacting not normal recently. Can you help me to troubleshoot whether it is caused by software or other factor?

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I am going to share with you the most terrible torture in the world. Please do not continue reading if you have a weak heart. I will not be responsible for what is going to happen to you, ok ?

~ 6pm 9th March ~ at home

I went home early last night because my house is installed with wireless broadband :-) (Kevin, don;t get jealous).
Oh no ... what happen to my internet connection ? It is not connecting....
I restarted my laptop, modem, flushed the dns, checked the telephone , and everything else I can ( including some stupid thing like moving the modem to different location, shaking the phone line, etc) . It is still not ok.

Finally I called StreamyX and they told me there is an interruption of service and will be resume within an hour. And therefore I waited ...... and waited ..... and waited

~ 2 hours later ~ still at home

It is 10 pm and I called back the customer service and now they tell me "Your account is suspended"
What ???? Are you kidding me ? I never received any warning? Not even any statement or bill ? Worst still , I apply this service online and they never tell me what is my account number. How do you expect me to pay the bill without anything ?

Ok. I will use my dial up then. Shxx, it is blocked for a year already.
NVM, I will use my company's dial up account. no credit => What is happening ?????

~ 8 hours later morning of 10th March ~ on Seremban Highway

While driving to Malacca, I was thinking : Thank God. Finally I can have internet access once I reached my Malacca office.

~ 40 minutes later ~ Malacca Office , colleagues talking

"Aiyo, server still not up yet lah"
>> oh no, excuse me? what did you just said ?
"Server was having some problem and we cannot access the internet"
>> what ??? what a day ......

~ 20 minutes later ~ Conversation with StreamyX customer care officer

>> I have never received any bill, not even my account number, and you just suspend my account without any notice ?
(to cut the long story short).
ok. you just fax over my latest bill and I will pay it now. and when I call back later to re-activate my account. make sure it is done within an hour.
"Ok. madam. I will fax over your statement right now. Have a nice day"

~ 20 minutes later ~ Kedai Telekom

>>I would like to settle this payment by credit card. Please give me the reference number for re-activation.
"Sure. You can call our customer care center to activate your account. Thank You."

~ 10 minutes later ~ Conversation with StreamyX customer care officer

>> Can I re-activate my account right now ? The reference number is "xxxxx"
"Sorry madam. this account number is not your StreamyX Account.
>> What ? Are you kidding me ? It is faxed to me by your officer and now you are telling the bill I just paid is not my StreamyX Account?" I am totally disappointed by your "great help".
"I am sorry about that. But our technical people agree to activate your account for you. Can you settle your bill as soon as possible?"
>>(thinking) Whatever it is as long as I get my internet connection back. I am in great torture ......
>> ok. Thanks for your help.
"Thank You. Have a nice day."

~ 5 minutes later ~ Call from StreamyX customer care officer

"Sorry madam. my technical people told me they cannot activate your account until you settle the payment"
>> {got very angry and let go all my frustration}
>> I am totally disappointed by the service I am getting. I am considering to give StreamyX a free Advertisement on newspaper or tv.
.... after much negotiation, they agreed to activate my account temporary for 2 days and at the same time I settle he payment.

~ 4pm ~ back to Puchong Office
Office internet down ....
Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh What is happening ? Everywhere I go internet access is down ....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The ultimate torture that I notice is that I cannot have internet access.......
Can you live without internet ?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Monday, March 07, 2005

 Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

These are still images, used to test the stress level a person can handle. The slower the images 'move', the better your ability of handling stress, so they say. Alleged criminals were said to see them spinning wildly while senior citizens and carefree children see them quite still. Of course, if you haven't slept for days, they'd spiral!
 Posted by Hello

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Microsoft Rebooted #1
Sunday, March 06, 2005

"Microsoft Rebooted" is one of the book I am reading currently. Just want to share something interesting ( and to make sure there is progress in my reading...).

When Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer decided to reinvent their company, they started with the most fundamental pillars of the company:
1. starting with their own leadership
2. then, the structure of its business
3. next, the kind of people it hired
4. and finally, its culture.

While reading through this "page", it immediately "clicks" in my mind ...
How true it is ....

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Pink Lady's Will
Saturday, March 05, 2005

Pink Lady is going to a very high risk trip in 2 weeks time.
She is going to where no man is :) Phuket . And she is going there alone.
So, in case anything happen to her and she cannot come back, this is her will :

1. Sport car - pass to her brother Ming.
2. Ipaq - pass to her brother Kok
3. Handphone - Auction in ebay and donate to charity organization
4. Bedroom - any family member who wants to take over
5. Savings in bank - donate to charity organization
6. Organs - donate (if they are still in good condition)
7. Credit Card - Those of you who are reading this now... please share the debt ^_^

Pink Lady seriously do not wish to burden you to pay her debt, so please pray harder that she can come back safely ^_^ Thank You

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What's the worth of RM6 ?
Thursday, March 03, 2005

Pink Lady Went for a movie last night with her colleagues. Flight on the Phoenix. Generally the feedback was not so good. But Pink Lady made her RM6 worth. She did a movie evaluation and notice 2 things out of the movie :

1. What we do makes us who we are and who we are cause us to do what we do. In the movie, it shows how a designer, businessman, chef, captain react in a situation.

2. One statement from the movie :
People need love. If you cannot give them love, give them hope. If you cannot give them hope, just give them something to do.

Though it is not a very good movie that people will remember it for life. At least there are still something to ponder with

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Coffee is killing me
Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Had a short seminar in Cititel (next to MidValley) yesterday afternoon. Well, there are a few scenario after any seminar, conference or training ...
1) Yes! This is what I am looking for! This is what I want!
2) It doesn't bother me at all
3) With ?? ?? in your eyes wondering how does it relate to you ?

Certainly I was expecting more than what was shared in the seminar.. Anyway that is a free seminar, and I experience the difference between a free admission seminar and a $4000 seminar.

Went to MPH and grabs 2 books : One Minute Manager & Microsoft Rebooted. Decided to put a lot of effort in finishing (not just reading, because I can mean reading the Intro :>) the books.

And the mistake of the day will be having a cup of Ultimate Vanilla ... with empty stomach. It was ok initially until I realize Coffee Bean decorated their ceiling with stars.. oppss .... not only that, stars are everywhere including my colleagues' face .... I can feel the pain from my stomach being poked by the coffee ......

Wonder why I always make the same mistake?

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