Life is like a bird
Saturday, September 25, 2004

Life is like a bird or some says life is like a bee. Never stop flying and busy with things.

Hm... I am not able to remeber what I did for the week.

Interview some people, talk to some people, employee some people.
Went down to Malacca with a colleague yesterday for some work.

hm... that's all I can remember......

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Singapore Trip
Monday, September 20, 2004

I had a really fun time in Singapore being accompanied by my 2 good friends KJ and PS. They are really so good to me and ..... hehehe ^_^ I use all of their money in that 2 days.

On Saturday we went to a park and spent a couple of hours there and the most relaxing part is when we lie down on the field, talk about the "Bird Story" and then sleep for a while...

We went for a crab party for dinner. It was owesome .... black pepper crab + chilli crab...

Sunday was a pressurising, I almost miss my bus back to Malaysia. It was 12noon bus and I reach the bus terminal at 12:01pm .... hehehhe ...
The journey back to Malaysia was quite OK. I was so tired and slept all the way back for 4 hours .....

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Busy Week
Thursday, September 16, 2004

It has been a very busy week.

Travel down to Malacca to settle a few things. Reached KL at 9:30pm. Had a quick Bak Kut Teh and went back to Zzzzzz

Talked to people the whole day. And let me tell you that it is not an easy task to talk to people. I find it more difficult to talk to people one whole day than writing software one whole week.

Went to UK in the morning. Hehehe ... I mean Ulu Klang. Was doing support and training customer how to use one of our software. Afternoon came back to office and talk to people again until 8pm.

Still continue to talk to people. hahahhaa ... I think I have to make myself love talking to people because it is going to be my responsibility to make sure things are well and to handle more people. Clearing up things in office so that I can go for a short weekend break in Singapore.

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Grand Opening for IHS R&D 's new office
Saturday, September 11, 2004

Finally about 7pm, we have finish almost 85 % of the shifting ... Everything was shifted in to the new office and now we just need time to clean up the place and to setup a small pantry....

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Let's move ......
Friday, September 10, 2004

Today will be moving office .... Only my department.
Well... it is just from 1st floor to 3rd floor. Not hiring any outsider to help but we are going to do it on our own.

It will be a good exercise in future to walk between 1st flr and 3rd flr. I believe I will surely miss my other colleagues in 1st flr .....

Somehow I just like to change environment every now and then. I still believe that a new environment can give us a new expectation, new hope, and new way of doing things... most importantly, through the process of moving, it's the best time to clean up and you might find something you have been searching for ages ^_^ hehehhee ...

Happy shifting !!!!!

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It's not my day
Thursday, September 09, 2004

Today is not my day.

Firstly I do not have a clue to the terrible traffic. It is getting worse each day. And I tried a different route to office but it seems like one it worse than the other. As usual I was late to office again. I am trying my very best to be on time, but will be always 25 minutes late ... sigh...

Afternoon was still ok until I suddenly felt I am alone in the battle field, fighting the enemy but forgot to watch my back.. notice that I was poke from back by my own people. The feeling was so bad until I do not know for what I am fighting ....

Trying to calm myself down by doing some exercises.... moving part of my stuff to 3rd floor, since we are shifting our office tomorrow.

Well.... I just need to sleep to recover my emotion.

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It's a talking week....
Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Well, this week will be a very busy week for me to just talk in the office ..
woh... you must be wondering what type of job is it, just talk in the office?

Just posted an ad online to hire more people. So this week need to interview about 40 candidates in 3 days. In just one week I received 120 applications and rejected 70. 120-70 = 50 .... Yes... total of 50 candidates ...

Yesterday there are 9 candidates all came at almost the same time (12-1 pm). Thank God Sam was in office and he help me to interview 3 of them. Well, manage to shortlist 4 out of 9, not bad. Today got another 5 came for interview but all are not up to my expectation.

Hopefully tomorrow can get some potential candidates.

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A real "opportunist"
Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Today is not a very good day for me (in the morning). The traffic today in unusual slow moving. In fact I got up earlier today and wanted to be in office at 8:30am sharp.

I just make a turn to Seremban Highway and I knew I can't make it. Something is wrong with the traffic and I thought, huhh ... it must be some VIP staying in the Golden Palace Hotel and causes the jam.

I am practicing my patient. I didn't cut Q and just line up at the end of the traffic Q. Seeing those cars over taking from the opposite lane and then jump Q right in front, I was so angry and yet I told myself I am not going to do that.

After 30 minutes of waiting, I finally understand what is the root cause of the jam. There are 4 officers in White Uniform standing at one corner under a tree with their pen and paper ready to summon. Oh my goodness, they are causing all these??? It's unbelievable, they are suppose to help to clear the traffic.

Bad mood today .....

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A touching story
Saturday, September 04, 2004

I was so touched today and my tear dropped ...

Just came back from Taiwan yesterday and went straight to office to do something light... and went to church at night for prayer meeting.

This morning I was so tired but still got up and came to office. About noon time, I receive a call from Sam... He said he needs me to help him to go to his room(office) to take something ... So I went in and then he said me to look for something special ... It's a basket of flowers.. Well it must be from his beloved gf from Australia, I thought. He ask me to open the card and see who is it from.

I open it and I saw "Dear Christine , ....."

It's for me !!!!! I was so touched by that little surprise from my LF members.
My heart is so warm ... Thank You

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Credit Card problem again :<
Thursday, September 02, 2004

Got another credit problem again in Taiwan. Wanted to pay my room fees just now. Last month it took me 30 minutes, and this time it took me 1 hour.

For the on hour, this is what I gain:
1) Anger burning inside of me scolding the bank "stupid"
2) Waited and do nothing
3) Spent money to make a roaming call back to Malaysia and waited 15 minutes for the bank officer to serve me
4) Finally found out it's actually because I didn't clear my credit card and hence there's not enough credit limit

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Interesting Maths Calculation
Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Here is one very interesting calculation ^_^

I had one 50NT coin and four 10NT Coin in my pocket. (NT = New Taiwan Money)
I bought a cup of Bubble Milk Tea of 20NT, so I gave 2 coins, right ? How much should left then ?

> > > < < <
> > > < < <
> > > < < <
> > >

:o I noticed in the evening only 30NT left .... why ???? why !!!!!!

I bought the most expensive bubble milk tea in my whole life !!! I gave one 50NT coin and one 10NT coin. Ai .....

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