Interesting Weekend Encounter
Sunday, February 22, 2009

I had an very interesting weekend that I couldn’t explain it with words. Friday was not a very good day; there are a lot of decisions to make, challenges to face. But after a long day, I felt drained, exhausted, aimless.

On Saturday, decided to have a relax day out. Went to TheRocks market, took a walk at the Botanic Garden, took some pictures of the Sydney Opera House and….. tried taking a ferry (hahahah sounded like a big thing…motion sickness halfway ^_^)

Went back to the city and decided to go to Hill Song Church for their 8pm service. Sekali I checked, service was at 6pm, hahhah missed it again. Well I’ll surely make it for Sunday Service.

Tada…. Sunday morning, woke up at 7:50am trying to make it to the 9am service. Firstly I forgot to bring my wallet, have to run back and forth in order not to miss the bus. Got down at wrong bus station, but thank God the kind driver saw the confusion in my face and waited for me, hahhaah

Walk and walk until I found the street, and ahha they have a special service today in the Capital Thether in town and I just missed the church’s last shuttle bus.

Arrggghhhh so many things happen to stop me from going to church. But I will not be defeited… heheheh

Finally, I made it to the 9 am service. It has been a great time to be in God’s presence again. I was soooo dry and I need God so badly.

Had a swim in the afternoon and felt so free in the water. Got a bible and will remind myself to read it daily. I will try…..

Try to upload some picture soon...

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2nd Post from Sydney...
Sunday, February 15, 2009

Been through another week. It has been raining everyday, cold temperature of 17-22 ++++ strong wind... WooWOOO .. the longest pant I had with me was a 3/4 jean, the warmest cloth will be a RM10 T-Shirt... hahahah ...

It has been a stressful week as I have a mission to achieve in Australia before I can go home, but then things doesn't seems to be moving fast enough. Wanted to give up and I then I can do other things as well, but then the "small ego" in me is telling me "hey, you have not even tried hard enough, and you are giving up right now?"

Well :) Which of us doesn't face stress in life? I'll take up the challenge and overcome it.

Just checked out HillSong Church and found that it's just in the middle of my Sydney Office & apartment. hohohoh ... but then today's schedule is not well planned... Will be visiting them next week. Got an order from friend to buy hillsong CDs, hahahaha

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A series of unfortunate events X 2
Sunday, February 08, 2009

Arrived in Sydney on 3rd Feb. It has been a LONG 5 days. Some events as I am always more "dramatic" when I travel....

Incident #1:
Worked til 8:30pm and was trying so hard to go home and my colleague would like to cook dinner.
-> Not getting the correct bus stop. Walked extra 15 mins and missed 1 bus
-> Waited til 9pm and catch the bus back home....
-> There's this old lady suddenly shouted at another passenger " Why are you staring at me like this?" " xxxxxxxx... it went on and on until she went off the bus
-> Bus driver suddenly stopped the bus after another 2 stops... waiting for police to come and investigate (oh no....)
-> Made a mistake of not getting off the bus and walk home (15 mins)
-> Police came and now, if we want to go off, we haev to leave our particulars and they need to perform some interview...
-> Reach our apartment and my colleague can't find the house key, ahhaahh great !!
-> Sooooo happen today is the only day the other housemate got a late dinner appointment...
-> All shops closed and no one entertain us, hahaha
-> Sit at the park nearby and "chill out" (really chilly when the wind blows...)
-> After 20 minutes, my colleague found the house key in her bag, hohooho
-> went back finally at 11pm.

Incident #2:
Decided to go to Melbourne with my colleague for the weekend. We wanted to take train down and flight back to Sydney, so that we can experience making train in Australia....

-> Friday 5pm, a customer confirm an appointment last minute so we have to extend our stay in Melbourne.
-> Rushed back home to take some former clothing
-> Rushed to Train Station and we were just on time for our train
-> Train delayed for 2 hours !!!!! ARgghhhh
-> Halfway (total of 10hr 50mins journey) , trained stopped for an hour due to another train stall halfway...
-> Train got terminated before we reach Melbourne, this is because the railway track can't take the heat
** Melbourne experience the heat that they have never been since 18xx (>40 degreeC for 3 days in a row)
-> Train service got terminated and we haev to take coach. Oh NO!!!!
-> Another hour delayed
-> Sit in the coach for another 3 hours before I finally arrived in Melbourne. A good 15 hours experience

The Story doesn't end here. It's 11pm now and my customer just email us that he want to postpone tomorrow's meeting ^o^ I'm flying back to Sydney, not here anymore after tomorrow le

-> Let's see what happen tomorrow ...

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