1st day of new job
Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is the mostly asked question today ... "How's your 1st day at work today?"

And my answer will be: "^_^ very good. I have very good boss, good colleague, beautiful office"

How I wish that is the truth .... :( wooowhoowohhooo

But the truth is... "Arrrgggghhhhhh Traffic Jam!! Traffic Jam!!! I hate damansara. I hate Damansara!!!!"

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What a day ....
Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Had a very "interesting" day.....

I have finally decided to sent an old TV for repair to get a report so that I can claim it. So I called up the manufacturer SONY and I was told that the nearest service center is at MidValley North Point. Well, it's good because I'm planning to meet a friend for lunch in MidValley itself....

I happily put the TV into the car and drove to Midvalley. In midvalley, I get a trolley and put the TV on it (some small injury happened). Then I asked a security guard but I was told that SONY Service Center is NOT in MidValley it self, but I have to cross the road without the trolley..

Oh NO!!!! However I got the guard to help me to carry the TV over.. halfway through, I met a few guy with SONY uniform, so i just confirm with them.

Sony Officer: "Yes, SONY center is just over there. But ... this is Samsung TV"
PinkLady: HUH ??????!!!?!?!!?!?!?
**faint faint***

Long story to tell.. decided to just stop here :)

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Tiring week
Friday, October 24, 2008

Last week was a tiring week for me... Suppose to take care of my niece on Saturday by just entertaining her with TV, hahahah , but I saw she wasn't so well, with red dots everywhere, so I brought her to see doctor. Then .... there goes the busy week... She got quite sick on Saturday and Sunday. That breaks my heart because she have not been well since young....

Finally decided to bring her to the hospital on Sunday night. On the night itself, doctor cannot determine what's the problem. So she need to stay overnight in Pantai Cheras for observation at the same time wait for the blood test result.

I was very tired because have to drive my family around and take care of the registration, admission... The next day, drove down to Malacca..

Thank God nothing serious happen, but I had a very tiring week :) hahahh
Time to take a rest this weekend...

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The time has come...
Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time passes so fast and it's mid of OCT now. I've made a very drastic decision few months ago.. to quit the current job that I've been working for 10 years

It has been a very difficult decision ... but whatever is done, is done.
Next week will be my last week in my current company. After that I plan to have a short break before starting new job. Even so, I'm still very busy... and start to get a bit worry :)

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What type of people in this world?
Friday, October 10, 2008

After stayed in Dubai for 30 days, I finally came back to Malaysia yesterday. Took a day off and went to work today. Since I wasn;t around for so long, got some letter in office... I open up the letter and it's nothing new :) Credit Card Statement, asking for money.

Opened my 2nd letter and stunt for a few second... Is this the correct bank? I know I never use this credit card except for AutoDebit. But there's an outstanding balance of 3K ++??

Oh no... all those transaction were made when I was in Dubai. Then I know what happen already, hahah... Open up my wallet and can't find the card.

Called the bank to block the card then made police report..Well Basically I do not need to pay for those transaction (I guess) :) But when I look at the statement again, I got very angry. What type of people in this world?

Even if I dropped the card, shouldn't they return it to me? Instead of doing that, this fella is enjoying life..
Sushi King, The Ship, Timberland, Garden, JuscoJaya, MetroJaya,
Within 3 weeks, this fella spent 4K+??

What type of people is this??? Enjoying life with other's money? ARRRGGGGHHHH

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3 more days...
Sunday, October 05, 2008

Yes ... 3 more days and I will be gone. Things are getting better and better ...
Of course, ... bcos I'm all ready to go home. home. home home

3 more days....

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Counting Down....
Thursday, October 02, 2008

Today is 2nd OCT and I'll be going back to Malaysia on 8th OCT..
meaning I only have another 5 more working day in Dubai. Yeah !!!

Counting my days so that I can go home... go home.... go home...

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Dubai , oh Dubai
Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I think I'm going to miss Dubai once I step in to the airport on the 8th OCT flying back to Malaysia. Thinking about it day and night, miss the food here, miss the people here, miss the sand here & etc... I love Dubai sooooo much

Yack ... (vomitting)
Almost vomit after typing those sentences , HAHAHAAHHA

I hate this place. Hate the people (not all, but most) I'm working with.... they have no idea what they are talking about, and who are they talking to (hehehe ... I'm too proud of myself recently). I hate it when people who has no authority over me start telling me what they WANT me to do.

I found a good way of describing my immediate feeling just now, hahahah...
"I don't give a damn on that"
I'm not sure how rude does that sound, but that's what I felt...

OK OK.. NVM, i just ignore them because they are not significant...

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